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Bobs Cold Storage Solutions is the leading, local provider of refrigerated trailer and freezer trailer rental services. Since starting in 2014, we have delivered trailers all over Oregon and southern Washington.  We are trusted by restaurants, caterers, event managers, and farmers of all kinds who need to keep their products cold.


Restaurant refrigeration equipment failures and breakdowns can be costly without the added loss of sales and or product.  If there is a power outage and your in need of emergency refrigeration. Or you are looking for temporary refrigeration during scheduled maintenance, we can help you stay open when your refrigeration is down.

If you have an emergency and need us tonight:

Long and Short-Term Rentals.

We offer a variety of temporary and short term rentals. We also offer long term refrigeration rentals to serve a broad and diverse customer base.

Do you need a beer trailer for a wedding, birthday party or special event? Are you a vendor at the county fair and need a small walk-in fridge to keep your food fresh?


Whatever your unique needs, we can provide the perfect fridge/freezer trailer for you.


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Outstanding Customer Service.

Awesome service! We rented a cold storage trailer for my daughters wedding at a park. It allowed us to transport food, flowers, and cake with ease and also provided a place to manage it out of at the site. All food was kept at safe temperatures for a warm summer day…and the flowers didn’t wilt nor did the cake frosting slide off. Renting a trailer from Bobs was easy, convenient, and cut way down on wedding day stress.

P. Pierce

Bob’s Cold Storage Solutions is awesome! We have rented from Bob every week from Feb to May 2021 for our food pantry until we were able to acquire our own refrigerated container. Bob helped us to feed 300 people every Saturday for five months. He was always on time and kept good communication. His trailers kept the food cold and did its job as we served our community. I highly recommend Bob for any of your cold storage needs. Grace and peace,

Brad Busiek, pastor of Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church + East County Food Pantry + Fairview, OR.

I cant say enough how great it was working with Bob. All of the trailers we have rented long term arrived clean & Bob was more than happy to deliver a substantial distance. We had a series of asks that were met with timely & thoughtful solutions. When our needs evolved, Bob was there to help us make a few changes to our deal & got us the additional cooler space we needed. Bob also helped us through understanding the rewiring needs for our building making the communication with property owner smooth & the upgrades easy. He took us to school. No joke, if you need a cooler trailer & Bob is offering to help you out, his service is strong & the follow-through is there. All Day. Bob is the Boss.

D. Lloyd

We’ve been working with Bob’s Cold Storage for several years now. We have never had a malfunction on the coolers. All of the units are well-built and well-maintained. Bob is timely with delivery and pickup and a good communicator. The peace of mind knowing that our materials are safe and taken care of keeps us reaching back out to Bob each year. Thanks Bob!

B. Crayne

Used several cold storage companies over the years, had my own units, and been stuck wishing I knew about Bobs sooner. Best service, value, and price by far out of anyone on the West Coast. Thanks Bob!

V. Beaudro

Economical and Built From Re-Purposed Freezer Panels

We care about our environment and the world around us. That’s why, whenever possible we choose to build our trailers in house out of re-purposed walk-in Freezer panels.


These are the same walk-in freezer panels you would find in your local grocery store. In fact that’s where they usually come from. When a grocery store remodels, they change floor plans and install new boxes. This results in large stacks of 5 ½ inch thick high-density foam freezer panels in like new condition going into landfills.

We have an exclusive partnership with local contracting companies that specialize in the installation and removal of walk-in coolers and freezers. Through this partnership we get to select the very best panels to build our trailers with. We are proud that we can give these panels new life and new purpose while keeping them out of landfills.

Greener Trailers That Save you Money.

Building our trailers this way not only keeps good freezer panels out of the landfills, it also saves you money. How? Because most of our trailers are made with actual 5 ½ inch thick freezer panels. They are simply better insulated than any of our competitors.

This makes our units cheaper to run than our competitors who use trailers with 3- and 4-inch-thick walls and the same refrigeration systems as us. The end result of all of this is that you save money. Through our efforts to be green in our environmental practices, we have actually found a way to leave a little more green in your pocket. 

Our purpose-bult cooler trailer also uses an innovative coolbot system that holds temperatures flawlessly at 34*F, even while sitting directly in the mid-day summer sun!


They run on 110 volts and only need 15 amps of power. As a result of this low power consumption, these amazing little units are generator friendly.


Our units are the perfect refrigerated trailer rental for the “Off-Grid” catered events... or if you need one under the wing of your airplane home.

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