About Us and our Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

Bobs Cold Storage Solutions is a local and leading provider of Refrigerated Trailer Rental services. Starting in 2014 we have been growing continuously. We have been making our assorted fleet of refrigerated trailers available for rent to customers all across Oregon. We even service Washington.  Here at Bob’s Cold Storage Solutions, we offer a variety of temporary and short term rentals. We also offer long term refrigeration rentals. It helps us to serve a broad and diverse customer base. Add to that our outstanding customer service and its no wonder why our customers keep coming back. We thrive on repeat business. That is a fact that we are very proud of. Call us today for more information.

Refrigerated trailer rentals from Bobs

Perhaps you need a portable or temporary walk-in cooler for a month or longer. Or maybe you need a refrigerated trailer rental for just a few days.  Perhaps you want a beer trailer for a wedding or some other celebration or special event. Whatever your unique needs are, we can certainly help you out. Here at Bobs Cold Storage Solutions, we are sure to have the perfect Refrigerated trailer Rental solution to fit your needs. Whatever those needs might be. Our refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers can be rented out on a daily or weekly bases. We even have monthly and longer-term rentals. However, there is a two-day minimum on all rentals. Please call us today for pricing and availability.

Bobs Cooler Trailers, another Refrigerated Trailer option available from Bob’s Cold Storage

Here at Bob’s Cold Storage, we have several different refrigerated trailer rental options to choose from. We have a purpose-built Cooler trailer that uses an innovative coolbot system. These impressive little trailers will hold temperatures flawlessly at 34*F. They even do this while sitting directly in the mid-day summer sun. They run on 110 volts and only need 15 amps of power. As a result of this low power consumption, these amazing little units are generator friendly. However, the generator does need to be a clean power, or an inverter type generator.  These units are the perfect little refrigerated trailer rental for the “Off-Grid”  type catered events.

The possibilities are absolutely endless with one of these amazing and robust little units. So many more beautiful places can be transformed into unforgettable venues. When you can bring in your own refrigeration the possibilities are absolutely endless. So many more menu options become available with onsite refrigeration. These amazing little units can bring outdoor eating and food service to a whole new level. If you can dream it we can help you serve it.

Refrigerated Trailer / Freezer Trailers available from Bob’s Cold Storage

We also have larger refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers available that run on 110 volts. These fantastic freezer trailers are capable of holding temperatures as low as +10*F. Even more importantly they can do it on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. Maybe 10*F isn’t cold enough for you. No worries, we also offer 110 volt, 20 amp Refrigerated Trailers. These units are capable of holding temperatures as low as 0*F. Now that’s cold.  All of these trailers also have an impressive internal volume of over 350 cubic. In addition to that, we even have beer trailers with 4 taps. Call today for more details on our fleet of refrigerated trailers and freezer trailers.

A local Refrigerated Trailer Rental company

We are a local company, founded in 2014. Owned and operated out of Portland, Oregon. Bob’s Cold Storage offers competitive rental prices on all of Refrigerated Trailer rentals . If you are looking for a  refrigerated trailer or a freezer trailer you will certainly like our prices. Our refrigerated trailers can help with so many different and unique situations. We often find ourselves being helpful during emergencies like power outages. Restaurant refrigeration equipment failures and breakdowns can be costly without the added lose of sales and product.  Often times we even provide temporary refrigeration during scheduled maintenance and upgrades to existing refrigeration equipment. Simply put, we can help you stay open when your refrigeration is down.

Not everything fits in a cooler

Let’s just face facts. Large family reunions and gatherings oftentimes don’t fit into a couple of coolers. We can help with that too. Not to mention all of the outdoor feasts and festivals.  They also oftentimes benefit from the use of a refrigerated trailer rental. Company picnics, yeah we do those too. We have a cold storage solution for practically any event.

Some renters can even pick up their equipment themselves. Although most customers renting one of our units prefer having it delivered due to complicated insurance issues and reasonable delivery rates. Customers who do pick up their refrigerated trailer must have a suitable and properly equipped tow vehicle to safely haul the rental unit. The tow vehicle must have a rated tow capacity greater then the trailers GVWR. All customers hauling our equipment must also provide a certificate of insurance. This COI must name Bobs Cold Storage Solutions additionally insured. Contact us for availability and delivery pricing. Please note that the delivery price is based on delivery location.

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