Summer is here, finally.

This is a picture of a 4 tap beer trailer

We are very very excited to introduce our newest addition to our trailer fleet, a Cooler Trailer set up as a Beer Trailer. Who could want more? At Bobs Cold Storage we like the rest of the wonderful Pacific Northwest are totally exited to put winter behind us. Excitement is in the air and we are eager to meet another wonderful summer. Filled with wonderful new customers and exciting new experiences. We hope you are as excited about this as we are.

We look forward to helping you with your family gatherings, of all sorts. As you excitedly or tentatively gather for reunions, weddings, BBQ’s, birthdays parties. Or countless other important  and/or milestone events. Bobs Cold Storage is here to help you through all of it. If you want to serve hot food and cold drinks to a few hundred people in a state park, you need a Cooler Trailer. If you want to serve beer to a few hundred people at your wedding, you need a Beer Trailer. Its just like the Cooler Trailer, but with beer taps.

It just makes things so much more simple and incredibly more convenient. Not mention who whats soggy everything because the ice is melting in all the coolers. Oh so many coolers. At Bobs Cold Storage Solutions we solve these problems with our 6×8 Cooler Trailers. They even come with shelves, or not if you don’t want them. Our cooler trailers are big enough for your remote events, yet small enough to get into your remote event. With their low power consumption they can run on small and quiet ” clean power” generators and you can almost forget they are even there.