Refrigerated Trailer Rental

Bob’s Cold Storage offers rental refrigerated trailers for both weekly and daily rates.

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Portable Cooler Rental

Bob's Cold Storage also offers Portable Coolers for solutions that don't require a refer trailer. The Portable Walk-In Cooler is perfect for food carts, restaurant emergencies, temporary storage solutions, and more.

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We made a beer trailer

Yes, you read that right. Since I started this a few years ago people keep asking me about beer trailers. So I built one.

Another Coolbot Cooler TRailer

This is a cool bot trailer that was placed in the bushes near the kitchen of a venue when the refrigeration failed during a wedding.

Bobs Cold Storage Solutions, Refrigerated Trailers

Bob's Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

Bob’s Cold Storage

 Bob’s Cold Storage Solutions is a leading and local provider of medium sized rental refrigeration equipment. We are a small and locally owned business operating right here in the beautiful Rose City, Portland, OR. Bobs Cold Storage also proudly provides services to customers all over Oregon and Southwest Washington. Although our primary focus does remain in the Portland metro area we are always happy to travel. Yes, we will come to you, but delivery fees do apply.  So if you do happen to be located outside the Portland metro area, and you need one of Bob's Refrigerated Trailers call us. Don't hesitate, call us today for delivery pricing. Our delivery rates are always reasonable.





Bob's Refrigerated Trailers

This is an imagine of one of Bob's Refrigerated Trailers, A 6x8 foot cooler

One of Bob's Refrigerated Trailers built with a cool-bot system.

 At Bobs Cold Storage Solutions we have Refrigerated Trailers, Freezer Trailers, Portable Walk-in Coolers and Beer Trailers available for you to rent today.  We have variety of units suited for almost anyone and or event. We are also pleased to offer "Bob's Refrigerated Trailers" no one else has these things. These are a unique, 110 volt Cooler that runs on only 15 amps of electricity. These fantastic little trailers were purpose built with out of the way remote locations in mind. They are built with a "Cool-bot" system so that these things are can go almost anywhere issue free. All of our trailers come clean and complete with shelves ready for you to use.

 The unique cool-bot system makes these trailers great for catering " off grid " type events. Customers have used and absolutely love these units for weddings, family picnics or even larger then normal camping and hunting trips. These are just a few events that these unique units are ideally suited for.  Due to their low power demand of only 110 volts and 15 amps Bobs Refrigerated trailers are able to run on a small and quite generator. However they do need a clean power  inverter type generator. Or you can just plug it into any standard wall outlet. Don't wait, call today for more details.



Bobs Cold Storage freezers

In this picture is 3 of the available trailer at Bobs Cold Storage

A few of the trailers available for rent at Bob's Cold Storage

 At Bob's Cold Storage Solutions we also have freezers. Some of our freezers are even able to hold temperatures as low as Zero degrees Fahrenheit.  We are pleased to offer these temperatures while maintaining 110 volt  power requirements. The best part is, they are over 350 cubic feet of internal volume and draw less then 20 amps of power. They due however need a 20 amp dedicated circuit. These units can keep a restaurant or store open and in business making sales during an emergency. Mechanical failures and equipment brake down or even scheduled maintenance can be expensive enough without the additional cost of lost sales and product. We want to help save you from that cost. Don't wait. Call us today for more information.

 At Bobs Cold Storage, we are happy to work with anyone and everyone. From the Specialized Refrigeration contractors or their customers the store and restaurant owners. From Farmers Markets and Country Fairs to Beer Festivals and Beer Gardens. Wedding and Event Planers or even caterers can use our services. What ever your refrigeration needs are, one of Bob's Refrigerated  Trailers could certainly be your answer. Don't wait, call today for information or to make your reservations.


Beer Trailers

 We were asked for this. So we did it. At Bobs we now have beer trailers in our line-up. We custom built these trailers with the same Cool-bot refrigeration system as Bobs Refrigerated Trailer so they are just as rugged. This is great little trailer for weddings. It performs double duty, holding refrigerated food as well as serving cold beer to all your thirsty guests. You can even get a full 20lb bottle of Co2 with it. Who doesn't want this at their wedding. Call us today for more details and to make your reservation.


Image of One of Bob's refrigerated trailers available for rent, a 4 tap beer trailer.

This is a 4 Tap Beer trailer. One of Bob's Refrigerated Trailers available for rent at Bob’s Cold Storage

Availability at Bob's Cold Storage

 At Bobs all of our amazing equipment is available to be rented out on short and long term rentals. Long term leases are also always welcomed as well. Call us today for short term and long term pricing, as well as availability. We have refrigerated trailers freezer trailers and beer trailers available right now for almost any special events. Big or small, you name it we do it all. Whether you need a Portable Walk-in Cooler,  a Refrigerated Trailer, Freezer Trailer, or even a Beer Trailer for your food truck,  wedding, carnival, or even a farmers’ market/ fruit stand we're always here to help. Don't wait, call today to ask about renting one of Bob's Refrigerated Trailers.

Refrigerated Trailer Rentals, Freezer Trailer Rentals

Freezer trailer and other options At Bob’s Cold Storage we offer Refrigerated Trailer Rentals as well as Freezer Trailer Rentals for almost any use. Granted we are a Portland based business and service most of Oregon, we also service the...

Refrigerated 120volt Portable Cooler Rentals

Selection At Bob’s Cold Storage we offer a wide selection of Portable Coolers, Refrigerated Trailers, Freezer Trailers and Beer Trailers to meet your needs. These units are ideal for any occasion. If you need extra refrigeration, but don't need a...

Some Satisfied Customers of Bobs Cold Storage Solutions

Bobs Cold Storage Solutions is committed to customer satisfaction. Here at Bobs Cold Storage Solutions, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We work with customers from a wide array industries and backgrounds. Here are a just a few of...

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Refrigeration Maintenance Refrigeration maintenance Refrigeration Maintenance is probably not currently on the top of your to-do list if you are anything like...

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Summer is here, finally.

This is a picture of a 4 tap beer trailer We are very very excited to introduce our newest addition to our...

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Bob’s Cold Storage Solutions

Rental Refrigerated Trailers - Many Uses Bob's Cold Storage started with a simple idea, providing affordable rental Refrigerated Trailers, Freezer Trailers and Portable Walk in Coolers...

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